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The best body composition and body fat test in Atlanta is at Live Lean Rx!

Gain access to a DEXA scan near you for comprehensive body composition and body fat testing, V02 Max TestResting Metabolic Rate Test (RMR Test), and Food Sensitivity Testing at our Live Lean Rx Atlanta Georgia location.

4 Pack Mix and Match



This package enables you to select up to 4 primary tests including DEXA, RMR, and/or VO2 Max.  This package cannot be shared with another person.

6 Pack Mix and Match



 Select up to 6 primary tests including DEXA, RMR, and/or VO2 Max.  The prepay option can be shared with another person.  Our most popular package!

12 Pack Mix and Match



Select up to 12 primary tests including DEXA, RMR, and/or VO2 Max.  The prepay option can be shared with another person.


One DEXA Body Composition Scan

5 – 10 minute, head-to-toe, whole body DXA body composition scan.

Metrics include, but are not limited to: 

Total Mass, Body Fat %, Fat Mass(lbs), Visceral Fat Mass and Volume, Lean Mass, Lean Mass Balance, Whole Body Bone Density, Regional Body Composition, Android / Gynoid Ratio….

RMR Test

One RMR Test

15 – 20 minute, breath composition test done at a state of rest and relaxation.

Metrics include, but are not limited to: 

Calories burned as a result of your Resting Energy Expenditure and your Lifestyle and Activity. Metabolic comparison based on Gender, Age, Height and Weight.  Respiratory Exchange Rate (RER)…

VO2 Max

One VO2 Max Test


10-15 minute, high-intensity exercise test.

Metrics include, but are not limited to: 

VO2 Max Fitness (mlO2/kg/min), Max Heart Rate, Aerobic Threshold (AeT), Anaerobic Threshold (AT), target heart rate zones, calories burned at different levels of exertion. You will have the option to use our VO2 Max app to track your progress over time…

Food Sensitivity | 96 Panel

96 Different Food Types


Our Food Sensitivity 96 IgG, IgA test addresses and details which foods you may sensitive to and just how sensitive you are to 96 different food types from Apple, Asparagus, Avacado, Cabbage, Carrots, and Cashews to Lobster, Grape, Haddock, Honey, Kale, Yogurt, Gluten, Ginger, and more. You will receive your food sensitivity results plus a comprehensive wellness report.

Food Sensitivity | 184 Panel

184 Different Food Types


Our Food Sensitivity 184 IgG, IgA test addresses and details which foods you may sensitive to and just how sensitive you are to 184 different food types from Hops, Chia, Gluten, Dill Dates, Figs, Fennel, Lentil, Beef, and Broccoli, to Egg Yolk, Milk, Lime, Lemon, Pecans, Sunflower, and more. You will receive your food sensitivity results plus a comprehensive wellness report.

See what others are saying about Live Lean Rx Atlanta.

Fantastic experience. The man doing my scan gave me a thorough explanation the history and function of the DEXA scan. After the scan, I was given a verbal line by line review of the scan results. We made a plan for me to come back when I am below 200 pounds to re examine my results. Love this place, I’d highly recommend going here if you’re looking into bulking, cutting, or have done all the above.

Aman B.

The experience was the best I've had in a long time. Peter was very informative and have me many opportunities to ask questions. I recommend Live Lean Rx to anyone wanting to know more about there bodies in order to improve it!

Michael A.

I signed up for a special they had for two Dexa scans (before/after promotion) and had the first scan last week. Making the appointment on their website was quick and straightforward. At the actual appointment the practitioner, Peter in my case, gave a thorough explanation of how Dexa worked while I had the scan performed (a simple 10 minutes or so laying fairly still). After the scan was done, Peter walked through my entire report with me explaining each of the measurements really well. All-in-all, I was in and out in probably 25 minutes with a solid understanding of where I stand. Will go back for another scan in three months or so to measure progress. I would highly recommend Live Lean Rx to anyone interested in determining their current body fat state.

Mark J.

Very knowledgable and helpful. Definitely recommend if you want to utilize the best and most accurate technology. The interpretation is extremely helpful as well.

Justin S.

Results are on point, far more detailed and accurate than the get tanked body fat test. Peter was very knowledgable and explained what all the data meant, even though I knew what most of it was. He wasn’t pressing like a salesman to upsell anything. Completely chill, honest, helpful and polite. Stephanie was as well. Would recommend if you want an accurate test to see where you are!

Nagi K.

I had the DEXA scan done with Peter, and it was a great experience. Peter was so knowledgeable and explained the procedure and the results thoroughly. He almost immediately emailed me a PDF with all of my results which has all of the photos and charts that depict your numbers. I plan on going back in a few months.

Brooke S.

Peter is great and DEXA is definitely the gold standard for body composition testing. The price point is solid and he offers trending over time which is perfect for those of us that only make it in annually. Highly recommended!

Russ W.

I have been going to Peter for some time now to get my Dexa Scan and I must say I love the customer service. I also love that they are always looking for ways to provide more services to their customers. I can't wait to try some of the other services offered soon. I highly recommend getting a Dexa Scan to anyone one on a weight loss journey or that is trying to build muscle. Knowing your numbers really helps meet your goals!

Amber S.

Live Lean Rx is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to seriously have a reality check with themselves and their level of fitness and take control. Invaluable insight and information learned from their services. Great group to work with too.

Evan W.

Peter is very knowledgable and the services from Live Lean RX are fantastic for tracking progress and working towards a healthier lifestyle. I've done the metabolic testing and DEXA - and the information is invaluable. There is no judging in the process - just science and encouragement. I'd highly recommend these services!

Karen M.

I work out and diet actively. To help ensure I’m making progress I like to have my BF% checked. Historically I was doing this with another method (Bodpod) which I thought was accurate. Then I discovered the Dexa scan at Live Lean RX. I met with Peter who was extremely professional. He explained every aspect of the test. Afterward he reviewed the entire report explaining it in great detail.I have been coming back since and will continue. I highly recommend a Dexa scan at Live Lean RX. The data and results in the report are very informative and have been helping me make some changes.

Deputy D.

Peter did a great job with my RMR and VO2 Max tests. He took extra time to retest to confirm that my results were accurate. Pricing is competitive. I highly recommend!

Steve N.

Peter was very thorough and explained in detail how Dexa is measured..if you are into health and fitness or preparing for a competition this gives you a detailed understanding of where you are with your conditioning

Shannon T.

Very relaxed and informative! Can’t wait for the nutrition plans.

Chad S.

Peter was knowledgeable, polite, and helpful. My scan was 6 minutes long, and I feel good about the accuracy of measurements due to the research I have done on DEXA scans. I will come back in 3-6 months to check for any changes in body composition.

Kail T.

Had a DEXA scan completed. Peter was great! Scan was fast and easy. Peter was super friendly and helpful. My scan results showed me exactly what I need to know to start losing the last 20lbs and get my body fat down into the teens. I would highly recommend! I can't wait to go in again six months from now, and see how much more muscle, and fat loss happens!

Jason L.

Wonderful! Peter is awesome!

Shay J.

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