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Like a car needs air to burn gas, your body needs oxygen to burn fat and carbs.

The more oxygen your body consumes, the more calories you burn. It’s that simple. The VO2 max test allows us to measure how much oxygen you burn at any given heart rate during exercise, giving you the most accurate estimation available of caloric burn during your workout. Never again will you have to wonder if those calorie counters on your treadmill are telling you the truth. Weight loss not your thing? If you’re an endurance athlete, the VO2 max is the gold standard for measuring your cardiovascular fitness level, and testing it regularly is a great way to monitor the effectiveness of any training program.

VO2 Max

Your baseline test can tell you several things, more notably precision-based target heart rates. This enables you to understand how you can exercise most effectively, efficiently, with optimal endurance and lest fatigue. Going forward, periodic VO2 Max tests provide the feedback and insight you need to understand how you are progressing from your exercise programs.

Anaerobic Threshold (AT)

It’s not uncommon to reach a plateau during exercise, know as your VO2 Max. By evaluating your VO2 Max through a test, you can use the information to alter the way you hit your max and how you can make changes to increase and maintain your anaerobic threshold for longer time intervals. Additionally, this helps you optimize your overall endurance and cardiovascular performance.

Calories Burned

Determine the precise number of calories you burn at different heart rates and exercise levels. This assists you in understanding how you can target heart rates to optimize your calorie burn during your workouts. Pair this feature with a Resting Metabolic Rate Test to know how many calories you burn at rest and during exercise and optimize your nutritional strategy.

How It Works

It’s important to keep in mind that our VO2 Max Test is considered an exercise stress test. It’s a fitness test that we conduct on a treadmill. You should plan to break a sweat and push yourself to max heart rate. We obtain your measurements through a breath-by-breath analysis that is interpreted and recorded by some of the most advanced cardiorespiratory equipment on the market. In short, you wear a breathing mask, run on a treadmill until you reach your VO2 Max all the while our equipment records your breath-by-breath input information.

What We Measure

Live Lean Rx VO2 Max Test provides you with actionable fitness data that you can use to customize your specific exercise programs. If you’re an endurance athlete, you can improve your exercise strategy to exercise longer and harder.

  • VO2 Max & Sub Max

    By determining your VO2 Max, we are able to better understand your aerobic fitness and maximal oxygen uptake. Remember, the more oxygen you can consume, the more calories you can burn. This measurement is an indicator of your cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance.

  • Target Heart Rates

    Your report will let you know what your heart rate is at each level of exercise from walking, jogging, running to sprinting, you will get an excellent understanding of your heart rate fluctuation and variability. This information enables you to understand what heart rates are most beneficial for you during your specific exercise regimens.

  • Anaerobic Threshold (AT)

    Identifying your Anaerobic Threshold (AT), which refers to the point at which you reach max energy output and full exhaustion or the point where lactate begins to build in your muscles. By understanding this metric, you can learn how to strategically exercise for longer periods of time and at higher intensities.

  • Max Heart Rate

    Identifying your VO2 Max comes with several key measurements such as Peak V02 and Max Heart Rate. Knowing your peak heart rate helps shed light on your current fitness level and enables you to understand what you can do to improve over time and get the most out of your sweat equity at the gym.

  • Peak VO2

    Peak VO2 is the point at which you reach your maximum ability to consume oxygen during intense exercise. This is measured in volume based on your breath-by-breath analysis and indicates your fitness level. While genetics do play a roll in improving your VO2 Max, unless you are already an elite athlete, there’s a good chance you can still improve your score by 20%.

  • Calories Burned During Exercise

    Get insight on how and how many calories you burn during exercise as a whole at each level. For example, your calorie burn increases with an increased heart rate and exercise intensity. This means that you can target exercise zones while at the gym. I know that I’m burning ‘x’ amount of calories at ‘x’ heart rate. Dial in your nutrition and exercise regimens.

VO2 Max Benefits

A Live Lean Rx VO2 Max Test provides you with the tools you need to set realistic, SMART goals, exercise smarter and evaluate improvement over time. Efficient exercise means bigger and better returns on your fitness investments.

  • Set realistic goals

    By understanding your VO2 Max and current fitness level, you can be equipped with the tools you need to set SMART goals.

  • Customize your workout

    Learn how to get the most out of your exercise and sustain your exercise more effectively and efficiently by know when and at what point you hit your VO2 max or anaerobic threshold (AeT); aka lactate threshold (LT).

  • Understand your fitness level

    Are you really an athlete or as fit as an athlete? What is your true fitness level? Identify your max heart rate and VO2 max and viola, you can understand how fit you really are.

  • Track fitness level over time

    Many LiveLeanRx clients prefer to retest on a 90-day basis. This enables them to track their fitness progress and fitness level, how it’s changing and what factors have contributed to their change over time.

  • Know the calories your burn

    Determine the number of calories you burn during exercise and learn how to design your exercise and eating regimens.

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