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Arguably the most common method of tracking progress, weighing yourself is also one of the most useless. Body weight can change by the hour based on hydration level, salt intake, hormonal fluctuations, gut residue, etc., leaving you wildly frustrated as to why your program isn’t working. A much more useful mode of measuring progress, DEXA scan body composition uses low energy, quantitative vs. diagnostic x-ray to measure the proportions of fat, muscle, and bone in the body, and is considered as the gold standard, most thoroughly and scientifically validated method for body fat measurement. This means we can go beyond simply measuring weight loss and start focusing on FAT loss.

98% accurate; the most trusted and scientifically validated measurement of body fat, lean muscle, and bone mineral content. Far more precise and reliable than water weighing, Bod Pods, bio-impedance analysis and pinching folds of skin with calipers.

Establish a baseline and regularly track the effectiveness of your fitness and nutrition programs by knowing exactly where you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. A home scale only measures your relationship with gravity, which means nothing if you’re trying to lose fat while maintaining or gaining muscle.

Get a comprehensive report of your body composition so you can view your current progress. Going forward, repeat tests for comparative analysis enables you to track your progress over time. Your certified testing specialist offers a thorough explanation of your results and offers suggestions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

So, why DEXA?

How It Works

With a quick 5-10 minute, head-to-toe, fully clothed, whole body scan, our General Electric Healthcare scanner uses DEXA technology to print your body on a pixel-by-pixel basis and provide you with the most precise and reliable measurements on the market. Our advanced software analyzes your measurements and organizes your 50+ metrics into a personalized PDF report.

What We Measure

Live Lean Rx DEXA scans enable whole body and regional quantification of the bone, fat and muscle tissue in your body.

  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT)

    We measure the fat within your inner abdominal cavity. This fat is known as Visceral Adipose Fat, which is considered ‘bad fat’ that infiltrates and surrounds your organs. Your VAT measurement (in both pounds (lbs) and volume (cm^3)), can help you better understand relative or comparative risk potential for cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and others.

  • Bone Content and Bone Density

    A key differentiator with DEXA, other than it’s clinical, medical and scientifically proven properties, is our systems can not only quantify bone content (Bone Mineral Content – BMC) they can determine total body bone density as well (Bone Mineral Density – BMD). After all, these are the same systems used by professional healthcare organizations across the globe to measure and assess the risks of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. While our systems can do this too, our focus is specifically on body composition analysis.

  • Total and Regional Body Fat

    Our whole body scan process quantifies the total pounds (lbs) of fat throughout your entire body, segregating it from lean muscle mass and bone mineral content (BMC). Additionally, we are able to break your body down into 5 primary body parts and distinguish the amount of fat in these regions versus your total body metrics. These body segmentations include your arms, legs, trunk (torso), android (lower abdomen and abdominal cavity), gynoid (upper thighs and hips). Because we can segregate fat from bone and muscle, we are able to provide you with one of the most precise and accurate Body Fat % readings.

  • Other DEXA Metrics

    The previously mentioned metrics (VAT, Fat Mass, Lean Mass, BMC, and BMD) are the core measurements our systems are designed to quantify. With these measurements, our software breaks them down and organizes all of the other metrics such as Muscle Mass Balance (Right side vs. Left), Android / Gynoid Ratio (A/G Ratio), Relative Skeletal Muscle Index (RSMI) and several others. Not only do we provide you with regionalized measurements and quantifications, but our reports are also designed to track and trend your metrics over time making it an extremely effective tool for validating exercise and nutritional programs.

  • Total and Regional Muscle Mass

    Muscle mass is measured and quantified much like total body fat. Muscle mass is quantified as Lean Mass, which is two things: Organs and Muscle. It’s the tissue in our body that fosters a significant metabolic capacity or is able to burn calories. We are able to use these measurements to track fluctuations over time. Because your organs are considered a constant, we view fluctuations in lean mass as changes in muscle.

DEXA Scan Benefits

DEXA Scan as a body composition and body fat measurement tool ensures precision, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. Other than an MRI, DEXA is the only other scientifically validated and FDA approved, clinical-caliber method of quantifying total body composition. Pair the benefits of DEXA with the all-around Live Lean Rx perks and we think you’ll be pretty satisfied.

  • No guessing games

    Our precision-based measurements enable you to truly know your body, without a doubt.

  • Side-by-side Comparison

    See your data points side by side. What has changed from point A to point B? View your trends over time, identify your fluctuations and what they mean to you. “Based on extensive data and research, most individuals can correlate what has changed in and out of the gym with the changes to their body after about 60-90 days. Regularly scheduled DEXA scans provide insightful and sometimes eyeopening understanding of how changes affect your body, what kind of progress you’ve made, or just how awesome you are.

  • Reliable Validation

    Get a real and truthful understanding of how, exactly your exercise and nutrition regimens are impacting your body, and progress.

  • Progress Visualization

    View your stats and how they fluctuate over time. Get to know yourself and have fun. Can I really do a strict keto diet and gain muscle? You know what you’re doing, we can tell you what your body is actually doing as a result.

  • One Size Fits All

    Everyone has their own unique, personal goals, exercise styles, and nutritional preferences. They also face many of the same challenges and share the same desires to improve. Whether you’re looking to better understand your body composition so you can perform better, gain more muscle, lose body fat, etc. a whole body DEXA scan has the data to help you make better-informed decisions. Athletes, gym goers, corporate crusaders, executives, CrossFitters, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, veterans and everyone in-between can benefit.

  • Quick and Easy

    The total scan time is between 5 and 10 minutes and your total appointment time is between 15 and 30 minutes. It’s comfortable, unobtrusive and actionable.

  • Safe and Unobtrusive

    Our whole body scan is safe for those with pacemakers, surgical implants, breast implants and other things such as hip and knee replacements. If you’re unsure, however, please be sure to reach out to us at info@liveleanrx.com

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