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Identify the foods you're most sensitive to

Your well being, comfort and overall happiness can be directly impacted by the foods you’re consuming on a daily basis. Until you understand just how sensitive you are to particular types of food(s), it’s impossible to know if you’re feeling as good as you can. Learn what foods sit best with you and optimize your nutrition.

Food sensitivity. A Live Lean Rx food sensitivity test helps you understand the foods that you are sensitive to and to what degree. For example, perhaps you have a slight sensitivity to peanuts, but a severe sensitivity to gluten. Sensitivities are different than allergies in that the reactions are not necessarily life-threatening, but you can become gradually more sensitive over time.

Food allergy. The sensitivity and allergy test that we offer enables you to better understand the foods that you may be most sensitive to. If you are sensitive to a particular type of food, this can mean that it’s life-threatening or detrimental to your well being. On the other hand, if you’re sensitive to food(s), you now know how to avoid those foods and improve your overall health. Perhaps you will have more energy, etc. by understanding what foods to avoid.

Available tests. At this time, we offer two different food sensitivity tests: our 96 Comprehensive Food Panel, IgG, IgA, and our 184 Comprehensive Food Panel, IgG, IgA. These two tests come with a comprehensive wellness report with about as much information as you could ever need to better understand how to not only protect yourself but change your eating regimens to improve your overall happiness and health.

How It Works

At Live Lean Rx, our food sensitivity tests are safe, simple, easy and quick. Simple book an appointment at one of our participating locations. There are no specific test preparation requirements, so simply show up for your appointment and one of our representatives will perform your finger prick test and send your results to our lab. Once a Live Lean Rx team member as sent your finger prick blood sample to our lab, it takes up to 10 days to receive your results.

Benefits of Food Allergy and Food Sensitivity Testing

Understanding the true chemical and scientific relationship you have with food can literally be life-changing. At Live Lean Rx, we make it easy for you to take proactive steps towards improving your quality of life.

  • Optimize your daily energy

    The only way to know if you are regularly consuming foods that you are unknowingly sensitive to is by getting a Live Lean Rx food sensitivity test. By understanding the foods you are sensitive to, you can eliminate them from your diet, which positions you to experience life at what could be the most energy you’ve had in a while.

  • Customize your macros

    Almost everyone we’ve worked with over the past decade understands macronutrients and are constantly tweaking them to fit their exercise regimens and fitness goals. Now you can incorporate the right carbohydrate, fat and protein sources with confidence.

  • Minimize food related health risks

    Food sensitivities are no joke. In many cases, people with particular food allergies face life and death scenarios in the event they come in contact with a particular allergen. Minimize unnecessary risks by knowing exactly what you are sensitive to and how sensitive you are to a particular set of foods.

  • Grocery shop better

    Many times, we have entire families visit us at our Live Lean Rx locations so that they know what each of their loved ones is most sensitive to. This enables families to understand and create grocery lists that contain only the foods that fit everyone best.

  • Customize your menu

    If you identify the foods that you are sensitive to you can modify your entire eating routine. Know what to choose on the menu when you eat out, understand how to grocery shop for the foods that suit you best and optimize the energy and nutrients you specifically require to feel, look and perform at your best.

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