IV Nutrient Therapy and Vitamin Injections

Restore your energy, feel your best and look your brightest

You train hard, you travel for work and play, you’re susceptible to common ailments and you age like everyone else. However, you have the option to go around the everyday obstacles of life. IV Nutrient Therapy and Vitamin Injections are designed to conveniently and effectively play defense for you while also being proactive. Powered by Liquivida Lounge, we are equipped to offer you a vast array of specifically designed IV cocktails so you can be your best self.

Boost your immune system. Keep your immune system in top shape with one of our vitamin IV drips. With flu season as harsh as it has been, stop by one of our participating LiveLeanRx locations and continue to fend off common ailments and sickness.

Cure your hangover. Overindulgence is a part of life for many, but so is an agonizing post-party hangover the next day. It doesn’t have to be that way. Get your hydration back to normal and feed your body the nutrients it needs.

Maximize our energy. Whether you have been training hard, traveling, or everyday demands have your energy low and hydration lower, we are here to fuel your needs with the right IV nutrient drip.

How It Works

Your recovery session awaits you! It’s pretty simple, book an appointment at one of our participating Live Lean Rx locations, fill out some quick, standard paperwork and make it to your appointment on-time. One of our Registered Nurses will have your cocktail ready for when you arrive. Prepare to kick back and relax in one of our IV Nutrient Therapy Lounges.

Powered by Liquivida Lounge, We Offer These IV Drips at Live Lean Rx

At Live Lean Rx, we have partnered with Liquivida Lounge to provide IV Nutrient Therapy at our participating locations.


    Combine all nutrients for max impact and get all of the nutrients you need with THE LIQUILIFT vitamin IV infusion.


    Avoid and minimize your exposure to ailments such as the common cold and flu. Our NATURAL DEFENSE nutrient IV infusion is designed to boost your immune system with powerful antioxidants.


    Slow down aging, feel great and look great. Our FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH vitamin IV infusion promotes healthier skin, nails, and hair.


    99% of the time, overindulgence leads to what many know as a hangover. Our RISE AND SHINE vitamin IV infusion is designed to cure your hangover quickly. You don’t have to feel terrible, just find a participating Live Lean Rx location.


    Increase your stamina and energy, and perform at your best. Our PERFORMANCE HYDRATION nutrient IV infusion gives you energy and promotes muscle recovery and improvements in athletic performance.


    Popular with both women and men, this vitamin IV drip is designed to brighten your skin and complexion. Our GLUTATHIONE IV drip is what you need to lighten your skin.


    Work hard play hard is the motto of THE EXECUTIVE nutrient IV drip. Designed to boost energy and promote positivity in your mood, get this infusion to feel and perform sharper in the office.


    This IV nutrient drip contains powerful antioxidants designed to clean and rid the heavy metals from your bloodstream. Our CHELATION THERAPY is meant to detoxify your body.

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